HerTech Hackathon in AI

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starts on:
Jun 14, 2019, 11:30 PM
ends on:
Jun 16, 2019, 11:30 AM


As part of Facebook's AI for Social Good Initiative, WSquare partners with Facebook to present India’s First Women-Led Hackathon in AI along with ThoughtWorks, to support women with career opportunities, women entrepreneurs in technology through mentorship, support and training in artificial intelligence.

Our intention with the Hackathon is to focus on “workable ideas” and not algorithms as the target! So the output could be “solution blueprints” – which is a mix of visualizations, web pages, code with algorithms, etc.

Note: Teams of 3-4 where at least 2 team members must be women.

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The teaching landscape is rapidly changing, the technological rise of the 21st century and widespread integration of those technologies into our society, combined with access to the internet has integrally changed teaching in just a few years. How can you implement AI to encourage blended learning that creates customised lessons based on the skill level of students? Suggested Education Datasets (India-specific): NCERT Education Survey data on schools, teachers, enrollments, AspiringMinds data on employability outcomes or obtain your own dataset from another source (e.g. education non-profits, kaggle, google, web scraping public web locations, etc.)


Current low levels of price realisation to farmers (as low as 20% in fruits and vegetables) are primarily due to ineffective price discovery and dissemination mechanisms, supply chain intermediary inefficiency and local regulations. How do you predict the demand and supply information for farmers to plan and reduce the shortage or wastage of resources? Data from e-NAM, Agricultural Census (with data on over 138 million operational holdings), AGMARKET and over 110 million Soil Health Samples provide the volumes required for any predictive modelling.


Main Prizes
Facebook Program for Mentorship and Training (12)

Selected participants will be part of Facebook’s SheLeadsTech program that provides mentorship and a community of women in technology. Facebook will be working with the winners to guide and mentor the team to launch their product.

ThoughtWorks Vapasi Initiative (14)

ThoughtWorks Vapasi Initiative focuses on bringing women back to work in technology, and eligible participants will be trained and given priority for returnship at ThoughtWorks.

Free Certification Courses in AI & ML (16)

One-Fourth Labs will be developing curated AI & Machine Learning Courses for the winners & participants along with mentorship during the course curriculum.

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